Large weekend property
with potential

The approx. 549 m² property offered here is within the scope of the KLM-BP-044 development plan "Gartensiedlung Süd-Ost", not far from the Teltow Canal.

Depending on the condition of the building ground, it is possible to build a weekend house with a maximum floor area of 30/ 60 m². For ancillary facilities (access road, parking space or shed) an additional 15 m² or 30 m² are available. A terrace with a floor space of 25 m² is possible over the fixed floor space (30/ 60 m²). The maximum building area is 115 m². In the case of buildings with a full storey, the maximum construction height was set at 4.80 m. The maximum building height for buildings with a full storey is 4.80 m. The maximum building height is 4.80 m.

Prior to this, the existing dilapidated shed would have to be demolished and the current wildlife vegetation removed.

Permanent use for residential purposes is not permitted here.

The commission to be paid by the buyer in the case of a purchase to us amounts to 7.14% of the agreed purchase price.

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Land area 549 m²
Price 70.000,00 €

If you are interested in this object, simply call me at +49/170/416 07 57 or write me a message.

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Joachim Rohde, estate agent

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