It’s entirely possible to sell your house but keep living in it. We find a buyer looking for a long-term property investment, while you receive a large share of the current market value and can stay living in your home for as long as you like. Your needs will be reflected in the contractual arrangement.

1. Sell your house
2. Keep living there
3. Take advantage of your new freedom

Some older people worry about the future – they want to stay in their own home but don’t know if they can still afford to do so. Then there are some people who’d like to purchase a house at current prices in the south of Berlin with the intention of living there at some point in the future. We bring the generations together.

Our housing tenure model benefits everyone: sellers receive a significant portion of the sale price and a lifelong right of residence, while buyers with an eye to the future purchase the property at its current market price and are ideally protected from future price rises.

We at Rohde Immobilien take care of the entire process for both parties. Fairness and transparency are paramount in all our dealings with you. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our housing tenure model. We’ll discuss all the details, with no rush and no obligation.

  • „I’d expected good advice at Rohde, but I was genuinely impressed by the company’s expertise in our discussions of the housing tenure model. Mr. Rohde was available at all times and gave me many valuable tips. Now I have financial security and don’t need to
    worry about my property at all. Thanks!”

    H. Becker, Kleinmachnow

Every housing tenure model is different because it needs to reflect the specific needs of the buyers and sellers. Get in touch with us. We’ll find the right solution for you.

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